1385512_590095557695069_1155595754_n100 Days to Health & Wellness

In that time you will

  • Gain better balance
  • Increase your metabolism and lose weight
  • Sleep more deeply
  • Have better overall movement and flexibility.
  • Reduce mental and physical stress!
  • Strengthen the joints, muscles and bones from the inside out.




Here’s the Tai Chi Challenge!

We challenge you to do our Joint Opening, Muscle Strengthening and Bone Condensing Exercise as developed and taught by Shifu Michael Paler,  also known as The Tai Chi Stretch and Warm-Up  everyday for 100 days and experience the difference.

Question & Answer Time

Question: Why should I do these exercises?

Answer: These simple but very effective low impact exercises stretch and expand the soft tissue, condense bone, regulate blood pressure, opens the joints, Improve hormone production and  assist the body in moving lymphatic fluid and reducing inflammation.  When you improve the flow of energy “chi” with breath and movement, every cell in the body is being exercised!

In the pursuit of wellness, we need to be seeking a more relaxed body.  But remember, “relaxing is not collapsing.”  relaxation is softness, suppleness, and being more elastic.  Even your veins and arteries should be elastic.  It is elasticity of the arteries that maintains the pressure on the blood when the heart relaxes, and keeps it flowing.  Its never a good thing when you visit the doctor and he tells you that he found something hard in your body. For Example: (Gallstones, Kidney Stones, Constipation, Hardening of the Arteries or a Tumor or Mass of some kind.)  Elasticity and softness are sign of youthfulness. and we should constantly strive to be soft and springy inside and out.  You have heard people say they have a spring in their step, right… 

Master Michael Paler says: “Look at the tree, and its branches,  a stiff branch snaps off,  it breaks easily and crumbles quickly, but the soft branch bends easily, twists and turns in the wind, it is elastic and soft and will withstand the storms.”


Our goal is to improve the flow of energy “Chi”  to improve hormone production and move the blood and lymphatic fluid, and to decrease inflammation and  generate energy through movement…

Did you know that many doctors believe that inflammation is the leading cause of cancer? 

When you open the joints, you open the meridians and blood vessels allowing energy, “chi” and blood to move throughout the body.  Imagine filling those spaces  between the joints and bones  with fresh energy and light, creating space.  Each joint exercise brings in energy “chi” and energy creates warmth, warmth allows the soft tissue expand, and the soft tissue is a buffer between the bones.

Did you know that bone on bone causes inflamation?


Tai Chi & Qigong also helps with bone density.

Low bone density. A review of six controlled studies by Dr. Wayne and other Harvard researchers indicates that tai chi may be a safe and effective way to maintain bone density in postmenopausal women. A controlled study of tai chi in women with osteopenia (diminished bone density not as severe as osteoporosis) is under way at the Osher Research Center and Boston’s Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center.

Harvard Medical School’s Health Publications, May, 2009

Breathing is also important with movement.  In “Qigong”  it is the breathing combined with the movement that makes this exercise so effective.  When you inhale you bring in oxygen, fresh blood and nutrients for the body, exhaling helps to carry away toxins.  When circling a joint, inhale half the circle, exhale half the circle, coordinating the movement with the breath.  Remember to breathe naturally.

We do the Tai Chi Stretch and Warm-up every day at the school, Please Join Us for a class, here’ a class schedule for your convenience.

 We want to hear from you!

Mark your calendar and start these exercises today – just  join us in class – in 100 days you will be amazed at how much can happen in your body in such a short period of time.

We would love to hear about your progress, please leave us a comment. 

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