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Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese form of exercise that is still being practiced by millions of people all over the world.  Unlike many other exercises and workout fads that come and go, Tai Chi actually works and has withstood the test of time. 

Anyone at ANY AGE can do Tai Chi. It’s never too late to learn.

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Intro to Yang Family “Old Six Roads” Energetics and 2-Person Exercises (Rou Shou)

Price:$99.00 BUY NOW LINK!

Date: March 25,  2023

Time: 10:45AM to 12:45PM

Where: Tai Chi Association of Colorado Springs


World Tai Chi & Qigong Day


Saturday, April 29, 2023

Classes Offered Wednesday through Saturday

-9:30AM to 10:40AM BEGINNER Tai Chi

-10:45 to 11:30AM Intermediate to Advanced Class
If you are a NEW STUDENT and would like to join the 9:30 am Beginner Class, please be on time. 

Your first Class is FREE, Please just fill out the waiver on the front desk as you come in, and quietly join the class. 

Julie, our receptionist will be in after the first class is over to answer any questions you might have.  Thank you

See Class Schedule for more information  


How to sign up for the free month:  Fill out the required information and at the bottom of our enrollment page and enter the coupon code.
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Sifu Michael Paler will be offering 30-minute private lessons on Thursday & Friday mornings.  
Where:  Tai Chi Association of Colorado Springs
Price: $75 for 30 minutes


The Benefits of Tai Chi

Originating in China as a martial art in about the 12th century, Tai Chi is known as The Supreme Ultimate Fist.  The founder of Yang Tai Chi, Yang Lu Chan, was called “Yang the Unbeatable” and was appointed to teach China’s Imperial Guard this martial art’s superior fighting techniques.

Although Tai Chi wasn’t initially created for health purposes, ordinary villagers and town people in China began to witness that these groups of Tai Chi martial artists were all healthier and living longer than the average person. Today Tai Chi is revered around the world for both its health and martial achievements. These are just a few of the many benefits of Tai Chi

  • Better Balance
  • Cardiovascular Health
  • Reduced Stress
  • Chronic Pain Reduction
  • Arthritis Relief
  • Joint & Cartilage Health
  • Strong Dense Bones
  • Better Mental Health and Cognitive Function
  • Healthy and Elastic Connective Tissue and Fascia
  • Stomach, Intestines and Bowel Health
  • Improved Lung Function
  • Beautiful Elastic Skin
  • Healthy Veins and Arteries and so much more…

How Tai Chi Works

A person practicing Tai Chi moves their body with intention, using slow and relaxed movements.


Scientific studies now reveal that the combination of form, breathing, and meditation techniques allows for many benefits including massaging the internal organs through a combination of breath and movement; allowing for the exchange of gases in the lungs through a relaxed body and breath work; and aiding the digestive system to work more efficiently through learning to sink and relax the pressure downward. Tai Chi can also increase grey matter in the brain, which boosts awareness and calmness.

The ancient martial artists who lived well into their late 90s and 100s enjoyed all of these benefits. Because they actually looked and felt younger and more lucid as they aged, it wasn’t long before Tai Chi became the most sought after exercise to do in China. And yet, people also began to realize that the many health benefits could not be attained without the martial concepts. This is the essence and paradox of Tai Chi — that you cannot attain the health without also cultivating the martial art. Such is the balance and harmony of yin and yang.

Tai Chi is easy to learn!

Tai Chi is very easy to learn and quickly becomes more than a workout. Because of the depth to this art, it becomes a way of life for many. You eventually realize that Tai Chi has permeated every area of your life. The way you stand and move, how you do ordinary chores, and even in the way you think, you become more aware and more relaxed in everything you do.

Are you ready to try out a class?

If you are a beginner to Tai Chi we highly recommend starting with our (Tai Chi 108 Form Beginner Class) see our Class Schedule for class days & times.

Our address: The Trestle Building
219 W. Colorado Ave. Suite 310
Colorado Springs, CO 80903

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Learn Tai Chi in the comfort of your own home!

In addition to daily Tai Chi classes, we also offer a complete Online learning curriculum, allowing you to study with Sifu Michael Paler in the privacy of your own home and at your convenience.

This  online program was especially designed for the Tai Chi beginner as it takes you through each and every tai chi movement in order. You will learn the entire Yang Style 108 Form, Warm up exercises, Basic skills, Stances and weight positions, as well as optional 100 day exercises, Yang Cheng Fu’s 10 essential principles, Qigongs and 2-Person exercises.

When you sign up you will receive instant access to the first 9 instructional videos and the private members-only Facebook forum so you can ask questions and get to know other students. Then, each month, you will receive more online videos to further your Tai Chi training!

Our online curriculum is designed for all levels of learning, beginner through advanced. I will personally show you how to create a Tai Chi body by teaching you correct form and principles that will enhance your Tai Chi form, your health and change your life.

– Sifu Michael Paler

Why choose us?

The Tai Chi Association was voted in the local newspaper The Colorado Springs Independent #1 GOLD WINNER’S in the category of Martial Arts, in 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 & 2018, and The Gazettes Best of Colorado Springs winner in the category of Martial Arts in 2015 and 2016.

Our teacher, Sifu Michael Paler, 7th Generation (Lineage Disciple of Wei Xilan Imperial Yang Family Tai Chi) has over 32 years experience in Chinese Martial Arts with a focus on Tai Chi and various Qigongs.

We’re also the proud partner of  Catamount Center.

Our gift to you!

Begin your day with this FREE Stretch and Warm Up Exercise Video from Sifu Michael Paler. Enjoy!

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