Tai Chi Mountain Retreat

by Tai Chi Chuan Girl on July 3, 2014


First Annual

Tai Chi Mountain Retreat at Catamount

Tai Chi Retreat

*Inner Reflection  *Deep Relaxation  *Nature  *Organic Food

*Healing Movements  *Spiritual Renewal *Community

1 or 3 Day Retreat:    August 22nd (Friday Evening)

                                      August 23rd (Saturday all day)

                                      August 24th (Sunday until 2pm.)

Register Now! (space is very limited)

Cost: $250.00 per person 

Dates: August 22nd – August 24th (Friday evening, All day Saturday and Sunday)
Accommodations: Lodging and Meals Included
(space is limited to 25)


Price: $250.00

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Saturday Only (breakfast & lunch included)

Cost: $100.00 per person

Dates: August 23rd – All day Saturday, includes breakfast & lunch


Price: $100.00

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Where: Catamount Mountain Campus, on the north slope of Pikes Peak near Woodland Park, is a scenic 142-acre site, surrounded by more than 200,000 acres of Rocky Mountain forest with lakes and tranquil hiking paths.  Located only 30 minutes from COS.  Maps available.  Let Julie know if you need or can offer carpooling.

Events:  With Shifu Michael Paler as your teacher, you will practice Tai Chi/Qigong and meditation techniques in the forest, by the lakes, and under the starry night sky along with Tai Chi walking meditation through the woods…and so much more…including times of open discussion.

Free Time:  You will have ample free time to unwind, enjoy, and envelop yourself in a true wilderness experience, complete with regional wildlife.

Accommodations: In the new comfortable dorms overlooking Pikes Peak, you will be assigned a shared room, separated by gender; a few rooms are available for couples.  Bathrooms and showers are just steps away from your room.  Bed linens and towels are provided.  Bring your own toiletries.

Wholesome Meals:  Delicious organic vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals will be provided by creative Chef Jessica in the Lodge’s kitchen and served in the rustic dining room by the fire and/or picnic area.


00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000The picnic area, backed by the upper lake and framed by Pikes Peak and Raspberry Mountain, is a picturesque location to do Tai Chi and Qigong and enjoy meals and evening campfires and long discussions. 




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