Havard Medical School video on Tai Chi for Parkinson’s

PARKINSON’S DISEASE /improving motor-skill control. Parkinson’s support groups recommend Tai Chi, and many students claim significant reduction in tremors.

While the overall consensus of the review was that more rigorous studies need to be completed to make any assertions about the use of Tai Chi for PD patients, the study did note that there is favorable evidence in support of Tai Chi with the PD population.

– Medscape Today, from WebMD, 10/26/2010

Harvard Health Publications

Parkinson’s disease. The New England Journal of Medicine published a study showing that Tai Chi can improve both balance and movement control for people who have Parkinson’s disease. The study at the Oregon Research Institute included 195 people who had mild-to-moderate Parkinson’s disease; they were randomly assigned to twice-weekly sessions of Tai Chi, or strength-building sessions, or to stretching … after six months, those who did Tai Chi were stronger and had much better balance than those in the other two groups. In fact, their balance was four times better than those in the stretching group and about two times better than those in the resistance-training group. The Tai Chi group also had significantly fewer falls and slower rates of decline in overall motor control. (Harvard Medical School Guide to Tai Chi. Pages 121 and 122.)

Parkinson’s disease. A 33-person pilot study from Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, published in Gait and Posture (October 2008), found that people with mild to moderately severe Parkinson’s disease showed improved balance, walking ability, and overall well-being after 20 Tai Chi sessions. (Harvard Medical School Guide to Tai Chi. Pages 121.)

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