This is the way of Tai Chi.

The whole world moves — and they’re still sick, stiff, and stressed out. 

It’s not merely movement that is needed, but it’s how we move that heals us.   In Tai Chi class, Sifu Michael emphasizes relaxation in movement.

He teaches us how to use our bodies to increase health and decrease injury.  So many times we get injuries and don’t even know how we got them.  But you should know. You should be connected to your body in such a way that you know before you injure yourself, not after.  This is the way of Tai Chi. 

The mind / body connection is a real and tangible thing. Did you know that with practice you can feel deep inside your body and release stress?  Did you know that when you feel stress you can calm yourself and regulate your heartbeat?  With the right information on how the body works, you can heal old injuries and retrain the body to move correctly, so that you never find yourself in that situation again.

Michelle Vandepas and Sifu Michael

Michelle Vandepas and Sifu Michael

Tai Chi is unique for its emphasis on relaxation and its union with gravity and how gravity works in the body.

Tai Chi is so much more than just the pretty dance you see people doing in the parks. In fact, the form/dance is the least important part of Tai Chi. 

It’s not the what; it’s the how that makes Tai Chi so effective!







By Julie Paler