Question Everything

Are you interested in learning Tai Chi?

How can you be sure you are learning it the right way… 

Just a few things you should ask about when choosing a Tai Chi Instructor:

  1.  Can your Tai Chi instructor demonstrate the martial art applications of every posture and explain in detail how Tai Chi can benefit you and improve your health?
  2.  Can they explain the “why” and “how” of every movement?  Always ask the question, “Why do we do it this way?”
  3.  Does your instructor have internal power? Have you personally felt and experienced it?  If they don’t personally have it, there’s no way they can pass it on to you!

As an internal martial art, Tai Chi is about feeling the flow of chi, something you cannot get directly from a video or a book.  You need to experience it for yourself.  This feeling is passed down through transmission (touch).  Through transmission, a good Tai Chi instructor will show you how it works and how to do it correctly.  

Let’s be honest!

If you really want all the amazing health benefits that Tai Chi can offer, then you need to learn the correct way of doing it.   And yes, you CAN do it wrong ….. and if you do it wrong, it can harm you.

Finding the right Tai Chi instructor can be a challenge, especially with some schools out there offering weekend teacher certifications.  A great Tai Chi instructor doesn’t learn their skills from a book or video —  or get their teacher’s certification in a weekend workshop.


Teachers like Shifu Michael Paler spent years training and perfecting his skills before ever teaching it to others.  Just think about how many years of college it takes to receive a master’s degree or PhD., and then the additional years it takes applying one’s knowledge to perfect it.  So, why would the study of Tai Chi be any different?  Did you know that Kung Fu (or gōngfu) is a Chinese term referring to any study, learning, or practice that requires patience, energy, and time to complete?

Question the system…

In our school, we offer a complete system — both for health and for self-defense — in our daily classes.  Michael will teach you correct body postures for maximum health benefits, and he will show you how to relax under pressure and how to release stress. Most of us deal with stress in a harmful way.  This is why so many people have heart problems, high blood pressure, and insomnia — just to name a few things.  We like to hold on to things, but Tai Chi teaches us to let go, and that’s where the real internal power comes from — emptiness.

Tai Chi has always been a martial art.  Tai Chi is not just some pretty forms that we do.  Instead, we are training the energies.  These energies are in everything that we do;  the form is just the means to the end.  We train the form, so that one day we can be formless.  We then will embody Tai Chi in everything that we do — how we walk and hike, how we vacuum the house, how we drive our car, or how we react when someone is yelling at us.

We can’t change how people treat us or what they say.  All we can really do is change how we react to it!  

Please join us for classes, ask questions, and learn the beautiful art of Tai Chi with us here at The Tai Chi Association of Colorado Springs.

This is your last chance. After this, there is no turning back. You take the blue pill – the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill – you stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit-hole goes. ~ The Matrix


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