Our goal is to improve the wellness and awareness – encompassing the balance and flow of mind, body, and spirit – of each of our students

Adult Tai Chi Classes

We offer  Morning, Evening and Weekend classes every Tuesday through Saturday.  In this class you will learn the Tai Chi stretch & warm up, and select Traditional Yang Style Tai Chi movements which over a period of time will be integrated together into a complete sequence,  you will also be taught Tai Chi philosophy and principals which will allow you to practice the movements correctly in order to acquire Tai Chi’s legendary health benefits.   All classes on the Schedule are beginner classes and ANYONE can drop in at ANYTIME.  These classes are taught by Master Michael Paler with 20+ years teaching experience.  Click the link to purchase individual classes or packages.  We also offer Adult Healing Medical Qigong and Push Hands classes throughout the week.  Please join us and experience the difference for yourself.


Kung Fu for Teens Classes: Ages 13-17

We teach Xing Yi Quan (Mind/Form Boxing) Kung Fu for Teens  Levels 1-9, and we offer Teen classes every Wednesday & Friday after school from 5:30pm – 6:30pm

Xing Yi Quan (pronounced sheeng-eee-chwan) “Mind/Form Boxing” is characterized by bursts of explosive power geared to supercharge one’s internal energy.  The sequence of forms imitates the fighting spirit and movements of twelve animals.  Emphasis is also placed upon the various postures of the fist which are rooted in and inspired by Traditional Chinese Medicine. splitting (metal), pounding (fire), crossing (earth), drilling (water), and crushing (wood).


Workshops are one of the tools by which our students learn the “how to”of whats being taught.  It is a class in which the student acquires the needed experience with guidance from Master Michael Paler in a fun and informative atmosphere.   Shifu Paler teaches a variety of workshops such as: Healing Medical Qigong and Martial Qigong levels 1-3, Tai Chi Ball, Tai Chi Fan, Tai Chi Sword, Tai Chi Staff, Introductory as well as Intermediate and Advanced Courses and more…   Please subscribe to our updates to be the first to hear about them.

Events & Retreats

We offer events and retreats throughout the year at the Catamount Center, and various other locations.  The Catamount Center provides a beautiful location for the Tai Chi Association to conduct their day or weekend Tai Chi / Qigong and or Kung Fu Kids/Teen retreats.  These retreats will help you to reconnect with your body, mind and spirit.  Please keep an eye on our events page for upcoming events and retreats in the area.  Every year we participate in World Tai Chi & Qigong Day, this year it was held at Colorado College, please check out our video.

Private Lessons

Private lessons are perfect for beginner to advanced level students, and for athletes who want to improve their skills.  Its also for students who can not participate in group lessons for personal reasons. “Although Tai Chi for the most part is learned through group lessons, private lessons are provided as additional support when needed.”   Private lessons are also for those seeking most of the benefits of Tai Chi or Qigong but in a shorter investment of time.   To Schedule a session now call the office at 719-375-8339, 30 Minutes, and  60 Minutes sessions are available.    Master Michael Paler is also available for Seminars and Workshops, to schedule him for an Event call 719-375-8339.