Shufi Michael Paler demonstrates

 Traditional Yang Style 24 Form

(DVD’s available for purchase at the school)

1) Beginning of Tai Chi

2) Parting Wild Horses Mane (3X’s)

3) White Crane Spreads Wings

4) Brush Knee and Push (3X’s)

5) Strum Pei Pa

6) Step Back and Repulse Monkey (4X’s)

7) Grasp Sparrows Tail (Left and Right) Wardoff, Rollback, Press and Push

8) Single Whip

9) Cloud Hands (3X’s)

10) Single Whip

11) Reach High to Pat Horse

12) Kick with Right Heel

13) Strike Ears With Fists

14) Turn and Kick With Left Heel

15) Creep Low Like Snake & Golden Rooster On One Leg (Left)

16) Creep Low Like Snake & Golden Rooster On One Leg (Right)

17) Fair Lady Weaves Shuttle (Right and Left)

18) Needle to Sea Bottom

19) Fan Through Back

20) White Snake Turns and Spits Venom

21) Step Forward Deflect Downward, Parry & Punch

22) Appear To Close Entrance

23) Cross Hands

24) Closing of Tai Chi


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