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“Everything’s orbiting something it seems. The Moon goes around the Earth, and the Earth orbits the Sun. But did you know that the Sun orbits the Milky Way galaxy?”

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“Macrocosmic Orbit” – with Advanced Whole Body Breathing

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Ancient Chinese Medicine has been practiced successfully for thousands of years.  Today, it is being seriously researched and recommended for various medical conditions by numerous leading scientific and medical institutions in Western countries (also in Korea and Japan), both in the United States and throughout the world.

See our sections, “Healing Medical Qigong” and “Health Benefits of Tai Chi” referencing a handful of these fascinating studies.


In the last workshop we learned about our BIO BATTERY — its location at the center of our body (our Lower Dantian, or Dan T’ien, in Chinese), how to breathe with our diaphragms and our backs, how to sink and store excess energy into this Bio Battery when we need to bring greater calmness to our body, and to release it from there when we feel depleted and need more energy.

The Bio Battery (Lower Dantian) is our center of gravity.  Being aware of this center of gravity, where we store and release energy, is essential knowledge for every practitioner of Tai Chi, Qigong, and all the martial arts.

Now, just think a moment: Do you know any other type of exercise or sport that can teach you to do anything like this???!!!

We also learned about the ancient Chinese “Microcosmic Orbit” system– with Intermediate Dantian Breathing.  We learned how to circulate our life force through two of the most important energy channels in our body.  These two channels join (front and back) to form a circuit of continuous energy flow that regulates the balance of the 12 meridians, as seen on all acupuncture charts.


This last workshop was a perfect follow-up to the first workshop, “Balancing Yin and Yang in the Body.”  Without understanding where the Bio Battery is and how it works, it is impossible to learn how to create an internal balance of the chi/energy.

Internal balance in the body helps produce an increased resistance to illness and stress.  Less internal stress helps the immune system by promoting a freer flow of lymph fluids.  This is also extremely helpful for people needing to rehabilitate from injuries and traumas.

While some people might think such practices unfamiliar, even strange, this is mainly due to the fact that here in the West the general public is simply unaware of them.  

It is often when synthetic medicines do not cure them, or at times even worsen their health, that people seek alternatives, including a major change in their lifestyle habits, e.g., eating healthy foods, herbal remedies, walking, etc.

At this point, they often learn about Tai Chi and Qigong (sometimes even from their own doctors!), and, thereafter, they become increasingly familiar with ancient Chinese medicine, which has proven to work in so many seemingly hopeless cases.

 Some people might still think the ancient yin/yang symbol has something to do with “magic,” but this is simply not the case.  Although the symbol has been used traditionally in certain Eastern religions, it also is an ancient symbol for Chinese medicine and martial arts (including Tai Chi and Qigong).  And now, it has a further application in contemporary health sciences. 

Think about it: Everything in nature, from the atoms to the stars, has its counterpart — darkness and light, positive and negative, hot and cold, male and female……virtually everything has its opposite.  For thousands of years, Chinese medical practitioners have understood how this system of opposites applied to the human body and incorporated such knowledge into their healing practices.  So, you can see — this is hardly “magic”!


In this next workshop on the “Macrocosmic Orbit,” you will learn to extend the circulation of energy not only to the torso (that we learned in “Microcosmic Orbit”) but into the arms and legs as well.  You will also learn advanced whole body breathing, how to circulate both the breath and chi throughout your entire body.

The basic principle is that the human body is a mini universe, and by circulating your own energy throughout this orbit, it comes into greater harmony with orbits in the outer universe.  With practice, you will gain a new awareness of the inner workings of your body.  Many people describe this experience as “uplifting and transformative” and notice a remarkable improvement in their health and “connection with life.”

We hope you will join us on Saturday, April 14.  Even if you missed the last workshop, or even the first two, do come anyway, because what we learned previously will be incorporated into this upcoming workshop.

You’ll discover these workshops to be truly life changing.  Master Michael Paler is a wonderful teacher, dedicated to helping others experience these ancient practices he has studied and taught over the past two decades.  You will learn many valuable things you never knew before and will be able to begin practicing these techniques on your own immediately.

Better yet, sign up for any of our ongoing day or evening classes, where you will learn and experience something new every class.  For all of you who are at any stage of a life change or “wellness journey,” you definitely should expect many new and exciting  A’Ha moments!

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Level III Qigong Macrocosmic Obit

Cost $75.00 per person – pre-registration ($90.00 at the door)
Day: Saturday April 14, 2012
Time: 3:30 – 6:00
Location: Tai Chi Association: 108 E. Cheyenne Rd. Suite 211, Colorado Springs, CO. Upstairs
Bring a note book to class, wear loose comfortable clothing. Snacks included
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I love everything about this school. The classes are calming, rejuvenating, uplifting and enjoyable. far beyong my initial expectations. I especially appreciate how our remarkable and gifted teacher, Michael Paler, cultivates a balance between the physiological aspects of Tai Chi and Healing Medical Qigong, and the outward beauty, precision, and discipline of the forms. He also demonstrates the martial art application of Tai Chi in an illuminating way. Michael’s unfolding of the differences between intention and awareness, and conscious and unconscious action, opens up new dimensions to the experience. For anyone dedicated to health and wellness, and to learning deeper levels of the mind-body connection, this school will open up new frontiers for you. Once you actually experience it for yourself, the transformative … – M.E.