Please vote for the “Tai Chi Association of Colorado Springs”, in the category of “Martial Arts” in this years “Indy Best of Colorado Springs”


Step 1: Click Link >>“VOTE NOW” then on the upper right of the page click “Register/Login”

Step 2: After Registered scroll down to #1 and click link named “Best of Colorado Springs ballot”

Step 3: Click category on the left hand side “Community” and scroll to “Martial Arts Studio”

Step 4: Search or Type in “Tai Chi Association of Colorado Springs” and vote!

Remember You must submit at least 10 votes for your ballot to count.

Make sure you click the red “Vote” button next to each write-in category to save your choice 

1) Online surveys must be submitted by 11:59 p.m., Sunday, August 27th.

2) You must submit at least 10 votes for your ballot to count. Votes are submitted as soon as each vote button turns green. After you’ve voted, you can logout and your votes will be saved.

3) For verification purposes, all surveys must include name and a verifiable e-mail address.

Thanks to you Colorado Springs, we have won #1 GOLD for the past 4 years in a row,  Let’s do it again!

Thank you so much,

Sifu Michael and Julie Paler

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