Chinese New Year 1


When: Thursday, Feb. 19th, 2015

Where: Tai Chi Association of Colorado Springs

Starting at 5:30 PM  Greetings, Mingling, and Refreshments (Please bring something delicious to share!)

silent-auction-111910-bSILENT AUCTION (Bring something special!)



6:00 PM  Shifu Michael Paler will answer questions about his upcoming trip to China and how it will impact the future of the school, including:

  • What does the LINEAGE HOLDER AWARD (6th Generation) he will receive mean to him personally and to his students?

NOTE: Lineage Holder is a formal disciple who is “chosen” to learn and carry forth to future generations all the knowledge of all that is intact of any specific internal martial arts lineage.

10402521_802946456390256_8747936726864706069_nWho was Wei Shuren, the Grand Master of Shifu Michael’s lineage?

What is the practice of SHEN-YI-QI and IMPERIAL YANG TAI CHI he will receive special instruction on and be teaching to his students?

NOTE: The purpose of Shen-Yi-Qi is to unite the mind (both consciousness and subconscious) and body to maximize function and harmony. DEMONSTRATION BY SHIFU MICHAEL AND GROUP PRACTICE.


  • Why are he and Professor Howard Drossman staying TWO EXTRA DAYS?
  • What is the meaning of THE RED ENVELOPE during the Chinese New Year?  Julie Paler will explain.

LAST CHANCE to bid for Silent Auction items. SILENT AUCTION WINNERS will be announced at end of Event.

7:00 PM  Goodbyes, Mingling, and Refreshments (Remember to take any containers home)

We know you’ll have a wonderful time at this one-of-a-kind Special Event.

Michael has always loved helping people and looks forward to learning in China more of the ancient ways in greater depth, in order to help people in his immediate Colorado Springs community and beyond (via travel and SKYPE). He has also set up a Tai Chi Scholarship Fund to help those in need who cannot afford to pay. Your additional support towards the Scholarship Fund will help transform the lives of many people experiencing ill health, need for rehabilitation, pain, and suffering.

hands folded in respectEvery contribution you make will go to making Michael’s trip possible.