What will your future body look like?

If you could travel to the future, say 5, 10, or even 20 years from now, and meet yourself there, what kind of physical body would you be living in?

Would you be living in a body that is stiff, listless, drained, and polluted with stagnant energy?  Or would you be living in a body that is supple, flexible, vibrant, and full of clean fresh energy?

Tai Chi and Qigong have been practiced throughout the centuries by people seeking not only a sense of well being, but a mastery over the common deterioration that come with aging.

Such mastery involves learning to balance the internal yin and yang by circulating the flow of energy, “chi” throughout every cell of the body, to maintain balance, flexibility, and relaxation.

This is why one sees so many seniors in China, where Tai Chi & Qigong originated and are practiced daily by millions, maintain a remarkable vivacity into their 80’s,  90’s and even 100’s.

Today, these ancient exercises (a “scientific art form”) are being researched in leading international medical institutions and have gained more and more practitioners in western countries.  Therefore, we can expect to see a whole new crop of “youthful” seniors in our own country.

But as the wise Chinese sage, Lao Tzu, said, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

Tai Chi & Qigong are transformative in helping to create a positive state of emotions, sharpness of mind and vibrancy of spirit… empowering us to withstand the unexpected storms in life.  As we choose to care for our physical body now, we create our healthy future body as a consequence.  This takes self-discipline and consistency.

While we encourage you to get started with the “Tai Chi Stretch and Warm-Up” exercises and accept our 100 Day Challenge, we also encourage you to continue beyond the 100 days and make the exercises (better yet, the classes as well!) part of your permanent lifestyle.

So, maybe if you really could time travel to the future and know what kind of body YOU have created with your Tai Chi & Qigong exercises, you would experience a genuine thankfulness for how you have provided a wonderful vessel to live in, in your middle and later years.

The Tai Chi Association and Master Michael Paler invite you to join others like yourself who want to take this transformative step into new, creative, invigorating lifestyle in your personal journey.