“Micro-Cosmic Orbit”

Qigong Workshop II

Beginners to Advanced Students Welcomed

While Healing Medical Qigong has been studied extensively in China for decades, even centuries,

it has only recently become a subject of more serious medical research and professional conferences by the medical community in the west.


What are the benefits of Micro-Cosmic Orbit?

    • Increase health and relaxation according to traditional chinese medicine
    • Regulate Energy “Chi” in the governing and conception vessels and the 12 meridians for healthy organ function.
    • Train the mind to be calm and focused
    • Increases Internal Power in Martial Arts
    • And the list goes on and on…

What is Micro-Cosmic Orbit?

Micro-Cosmic Orbit is one of the most natural and effective Energy “Qi” pattern trainings used in qigong.

The history of the Micro-Cosmic Orbit dates back to prehistoric times in China, and the underlying principles can be found in the I Ching which was written by the Emperor Fu Xi approximately five thousand years ago or at least two centuries before the time of the Yellow Emperor Huang Ti. Micro-Cosmic Orbit pertains to the flow of energy from the governing vessel to the conception vessel during meditation.

The philosophy behind the concept of Micro-Cosmic Orbit is to regulate the qi “bio-electricity” in the two main vessels of chinese medicine to assist the body’s 12 organ meridians, making energy abundant throughout the whole body.


This Workshop includes:

  • Dan Tian Breathing (Abdominal, Belly Breathing) – Dan Tian or abdominal breathing uses the diaphragm in the abdomen to increase the amount of oxygen taken into the body as well as to massage the internal organs increasing comfortablilty, energy and relaxation.
  • Micro-Cosmic Orbit – Some of the many benefits of learning  micro-cosmic orbit and learning to circulate Energy “Qi” include resistance to stress and illness, and living a healthier and more productive life.


Master Michael Paler has studied and practiced Chinese Martial Arts since 1983. 

In 1991 he began his study and practice of “Internal” Chinese Martial Arts,   as well as Qigong.

  Master Paler has been practicing Dan Tian breathing and Microcosmic orbit since 1992.

Since 1999, he has been teaching this beautiful art he has dedicated his life to, to benefit others in the Colorado Springs community.


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Level II Qigong

Cost $75.00 per person – pre-registration ($90.00 at the door)
Day: TBA
Time: 3:30 – 6:00
Location: Tai Chi Association: 108 E. Cheyenne Rd. Suite 211, Colorado Springs, CO. Upstairs
Bring a note book to class, wear loose comfortable clothing. Snacks included
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Need more reasons?

Read the testimonials:

I don’t think it possible to add more than what has been written about Michael, his style of teaching, the unplumbed depth of his knowledge,and his great emotional intellligence. Michael can give everyone attending a class just what they are looking for on any particular day, so attuned is he to them and his art. I wonder if he reads minds. I have studied with a number of teachers since 1970, and finally here is someone who knows what he is talking about, and wants one to learn what he knows, and then teaches it! He is one of the handful of teachers I have met whom I consider the best, from my high school latin teacher, a college calculus teacher, and more. Where did this guy come from?  -Daniel


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 Level II

“Micro-Cosmic Orbit”


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$90.00 at the door

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I’d rather reserve my spot in both advanced levels

 Level II, Micro-Cosmic Orbit & Level III, Macro-Cosmic Orbit 


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