Here at the Tai Chi Association of Colorado Springs we are passionate about spreading the teachings of Master Wei Shuren to our community and beyond.  We are currently one of only two schools that consistently teach and practice these methods in the United States.

Dr. John Fung and Shifu Michael PalerThese methods were taught to Shifu Paler by his brother Dr. John Fung.

Dr Fung says: “We are dedicated to the teachings and methods of Yang Jian Hou 楊健侯 Style Tai Chi Quan.  For too long, the deepest knowledge in Tai Chi and the associated Shen Yi Qi 神意氣 had been kept from the public, leaving popular Tai Chi practices to become sequences of empty movements.  We believe Tai Chi should be taught with the strictest principles of correct biomechanical and structural alignment of every movement, as well as the underlying methods on the manipulation of Shen Yi Qi.  If you are looking for the highest quality of Tai Chi teaching, whether it is for health or for fighting, this is the place for you”.

Dr. John FungDr. John K. Fung,  6th Generation Indoor Disciple, Imperial Yang Family Tai Chi

What is Shen Yi Qi 神意氣?

Shen can be translated as “spirit.” We would prefer to see it translated as “true self.” Yi means “intent” and has two parts: 1) The “true” subconscious thought process expressed by your true self, and 2) The “ordinary” conscious thought process that you are aware of.  Qi is the life energy, primarily the result of our complex physiology, which still requires ongoing scientific research.



by Dr John Fung

Original Yang Style Tai Chi Revealed Now Imperial Yang Tai Chi
This well guarded secret is finally being taught openly.  This type of Tai Chi Chuan was originally passed down from Yang Lu Chan and then taught exclusively to the Imperial Palace by Yang Chien Hou.  The secrets to Yang Lu Chan’s power as taught by Master Wei Shu Ren are now being taught openly for the first time ever.

At the Tai Chi Association of Colorado Springs, we teach and practice these methods daily both for health and for the martial arts (self-defense) aspect.  We invite you to join us for daily classes.

Yang Family Taijiquan –

Wang Yongquan and Wei Shu Rhen Full Fajing Demo

Master Wei Shu Ren with Dr. John Fung