by Michelle Vandepas

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20151006_101115Those of you who  know me know that I’ve studied Qi Gong for 20 years  and started Tai Chi about 5 years ago.  Although I don’t practice every day, I do consider it ‘my practice’ and I make a point to at least focus a minute or an hour an day on my energy and sink and relax into my body as often as I can.  Using Sifu Michael Paler’s interpretation that ‘as we become more relaxed and aware we can have a true mind body connection’ we can control our body energy and direct it for healing and self defense. I’m proud to consider Michael my teacher and love this interview I did with him.   Michael talks about sustaining his passion for Tai Chi over the long haul and how he created a business doing what he loves.

He shares how being an entrepreneur is both Joyful and Terrifying and what happened on his first plane ride ever!

Sifu (Teacher) Michael Paler is a 7th Generation Indoor Lineage Disciple, Imperial Yang Family Tai Chi.

Listen to this episode>>>PODCAST

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