Tai Chi Push Hands also known as sensing hands as taught by the Tai Chi Association of Colorado Springs

PUSH HANDS (Sensing Hands)

Tai Chi Push Hands (also known as Sensing Hands) involves the practice and exchange of the 8 Jins (energies) with a partner.  It is a great way to integrate all of the principles you learn in Tai Chi Forms and Healing Medical Qigong classes.

Training with a partner also allows a you to develop Ting Jing (listening power), the sensitivity to feel the strength and direction of a partner’s intention.  This provides a format for you to improve your martial arts timing and footwork, along with relaxation, balance, and flexibility.  You will especially learn to put into practice the 8 Jins (energies).

What are the 8 energies(Jins) of Tai Chi Chuan?

Tai Chi Push HandsWard off or Peng – upward, expansive internal power

Rollback or Lu – backward or absorbing, yielding power

Push or An  – downward-moving power

Press or Ji – straight ahead, forward power

Elbow, Bump, Split and Pluck – self-explanatory.

These 8 Jins (energies) are the natural way of doing things; in fact, you use these techniques in almost every activity you do in everyday life.

The practice of Push Hands enhances the way you respond under pressure, as you learn to relax and sink under the pressure. Numerous medical studies have shown that stress and pressure can break down your immune system and make you physically and emotionally sick. Yet, stress and pressure are always present, like gravity, and will never go away.  Bills will continue to come; you will never have enough time in the day to finish everything you need to accomplish; and your job and family’s needs will always be pressing upon you.

What Push Hands teaches you is how to respond to and deal with the pressures and stresses of life itself, not just the pressure of an opponent pushing on you.

1385512_590095557695069_1155595754_nManaging Stress
“If you want to conquer the stresses of life, live in the now,
be aware, learn to breathe and relax under pressure.”
– Master Michael Paler