things-to-do-in-beijing-0UPDATE ON MICHAEL’S TRIP TO CHINA

We will be making air flight arrangements very soon, as Michael will be leaving for Beijing, China, on April 28th.




10402521_802946456390256_8747936726864706069_nHe will be there for five days of training with Wei Xinlan, daughter of the late Imperial Yang Tai Chi Grand Master Wei Shuren. One day will be spent visiting the late Grand Master’s grave to perform the official Disciple Ceremony for the Imperial Yang Tai Chi 6th Generation.


This is also an historical event for us at the Tai Chi Association of Colorado Springs, and we thank those who have helped us reach this goal so far.  We continue to appreciate donations from any and all who want to help Michael get to China and back. This includes airfare, hotel, passport, visas, meals, etc.  (No donation too small nor too big, ;-)) Click to Donate Now!

As this is truly a unique honor, please know that you are helping to make “Tai Chi History” for us and all who want to learn from Michael in the months and years to come.

We also thank Dr. John Fung for choosing Michael for this honor, and extend our warmest  congratulations to our Tai Chi brothers, Ray Abeyta & Wolf Carter from Texas, and Joey Nishad from Australia, who will also be sharing in this great honor.

hands folded in respectWith hands folded in respect, we thank you again for your support,

Shifu Michael Paler