Tai Chi Classes & Workshops

We offer Tai Chi Classes for all levels and all ages. Whether you’re a senior wanting to try Tai Chi for the first time or someone who wants to have a better lifestyle, we welcome you to our studio.  

Choose your level from the options below so you can see what classes are available to you.

Tai Chi Classes for First-Timers / New Students

These classes and workshops are perfect for those who would like to know more or try out Tai Chi for the first time! Click to see additional class/workshop info and inclusions as well as terms & conditions.

Tai Chi Class for Beginners

This beginner course and workshop are recommended but not required to start classes.

If you have never done Tai Chi before this is a great place to get started. We will walk you step by step through each movement in the first section of the Yang Family 108 form. You will also learn important Tai Chi principles, stepping and also our Tai Chi Stretch and Warm-up exercise that will open your joints and create an open Tai Chi body.

For 2019, we will run the course 5 times so make sure that you choose your correct start date when you check out this product.

Tai Chi Classes for Intermediate/Advanced Students

Go deeper into the practice of Tai Chi with these classes / workshops! Click to see additional class/workshop info and inclusions as well as terms & conditions.

Classes are on sale for a limited time only!

Private Lessons

Don’t have time to attend our group classes? Sifu Michael Paler and our other instructors can teach you Tai Chi at home! Just click on which package you want to get class info as well as terms and conditions.

We also offer Tai Chi classes online if you want to learn Tai Chi at your own pace and time.

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