“Balancing Yin & Yang in the Body”

Qigong Workshop Advanced Master Class

Beginners to Advanced Students Welcomed

“ With Qigong, we’re dealing with subtle energies: Energy medicine. Many feel it is the medicine of the future.” –Medical Qigong, Wellness Directory of Minnesota

Who will benefit?

Everyone is welcome, from Beginner to Advanced Students of Qigong– including:

  • Anyone Rehabilitating from Injuries and Trauma
  • Anyone seeking Qigong Certification through the Tai Chi Association of Colorado Springs LLC (Required)
  • For those seeking gentle rehabilitative exercises for reducing stress, and/or studying “inner power” through calmness.
  • New and continuing students wanting to learn how to use Qigong in daily life and others facing chronic illness, stress or injuries.
  • Qigong Teachers and those working on a certification
  • Anyone interested in learning more about Alternative Healing.


What about Qigong?


“Data from the study suggests that Medical Qigong with usual health care can improve fatigue, satisfaction with sex life, and Quality of Life (QOL) in cancer patients.” – From a randomized clinical trial, American Society of Oncology abstract, May 2008

During Healing Medical Qigong you focus on movement and breathing. This combination creates a state of relaxation and calm. Stress, anxiety and tension melt away, and the benefits will last well after you stop your Qigong session…

  • Qigong creates a deep ‘relaxation, regulating heart rate and blood pressure.
  • Medical Healing Qigong has been shown to improve posture and respiration, induce the relaxation response, cause favorable changes in blood chemistry, and improve self-awareness and concentration.
  • It strengthens your bones and joints, improve circulation, and exercise your internal organs as well as the entire body with a variety of healing exercises.
  • Those who practiced Qigong experienced greater pain reduction, less depression and improvements in physical function and overall health.
  • Qigong enhances the efficiency of the immune system through increased rate and flow of the lymphatic fluid.
  • A UCLA study indicated that Qigong Participants enjoyed a 50% increase in immune system resistance to viral infection..
  • Qigong and Tai Chi moderate the function of the hypothalamus, pituitary, and pineal glands, as well as the cerebrospinal fluid system of the brain and spinal cord, which manages pain and mood as well as optimizing immune function.
  • It is the practice of cultivating and balancing life energy through aligning breath, movement, and awareness.
  • Medical Healing Qigong and Tai Chi induce alpha and, in some cases, theta brain waves which reduce heart rate and blood pressure, facilitating relaxation, and mental focus.

Read more about the health benefits of Qigong

What you will learn:

  • You will learn to map out meridians (According to Chinese Medicine, a meridian is a path through which the life-energy known as “Qi” is believed to flow in your body).
  • How to cultivate inner calmness and relaxation with gentle fluid motions.
  • How to regulate and balance your chi (energy)  in the meridians using various Qigong methods.
  • How to formulate your own Qigong routine to fit your personal goals and lifestyle.

 Workshop includes:

  • Qigong-bone and joint breathing exercises: Bones are very porous, and they are always “breathing”. The pores allow the passage of oxygen, blood, and nutrition through the bones in the same way a sponge absorbs and releases water.    The bones are totally unconscious for most people – but this is where we manufacture our blood and hormones, our life force.  Bone and its deep blood consciousness (Awareness) are the key to healing chronic disease. The process is very powerful and self-empowering.  The imbalances in our organs and tissues get gradually pushed down into our bone marrow. Releasing the locked- in sickness from the bones can generate healing.  Bone Breathing draws external Qi (energy) in through skin, muscles, and  tendons to be combined with our Qi (Energy) and compressed into the marrow of the  bones.
  • Ancient Qigong tapping methods:  Qigong Tapping is a very simple exercises that you can do as a way of awakening the flow of  Energy “Qi” in your body, releasing tension and creating a state of mental and physical alertness.  Healthy tapping has many benefits. It helps loosen inaction and toxins from the muscles and cells, bring blood flow to the skin, and helps to wake up your internal systems. You can tap muscles, organs, acupuncture points, etc.
  • Internal Organ cleansing: Qigong for Cleansing – Organ Cleansing and Strengthening Qigong (or as it is known in Mandarin Chinese – Zhang Fu Gong) is a unique and powerful Qigong form.  This Qigong exercise works on energy balancing, and then moves on to Qigong forms specifically focusing on cleansing and strengthening the heart, lungs, liver, spleen, kidneys, brain and nervous system.
  • Basic Daoist (Natural) Breathing: Daoist breathing increases oxygen levels in the body,  releases carbon dioxide and increases the functionality of the Internal Organs and Digestive System.  Natural breathing is done by contracting the diaphragm, a muscle located horizontally between the chest cavity and stomach cavity.

Master Michael Paler

Michael has studied and practiced Chinese Martial Arts such as Wing Chun, Sholin 5 Animal Gongfu, and others since he was 8 years old.  At age 16, Michael began his study and practice of “Internal” Chinese Martial Arts such as Tai Chi Boxing (Taijiquan) Mind-Form Boxing (Xingyiquan), and 8 Trigram Boxing (Baguazhang) as well as Qigong.

Originally from New York, Michael has traveled extensively throughout Tai Chi & Qigong Communities around the country.  For over 20 years, he has taught classes in numerous Tai Chi, Qigong, and other related disciplines to people from ages 5 to 93, in both class and personal settings.  Since 1999, Michael has been teaching this beautiful art he has dedicated his life to, to benefit others in the Colorado Springs community.

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Advanced Level I Qigong

Cost $125.00 per person – pre-registration  ($150.00 at the door)
Day:  Saturday February 11, 2012
Time: 3:30 – 6:00
Location: Tai Chi Association: 108 E. Cheyenne Rd. Suite 211, Colorado Springs, CO.  Upstairs
Bring a note book to class, wear loose comfortable clothing. Snacks included
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Still Unsure?

Read the testimonials:

I have been taking Tai Chi & Healing Medical Qigong for over eight years. I learned more in the last month and a half than in all that time in regards to Chi, Qigong and Tai Chi. I find Master Michael Paler to be the best teacher I have ever had and the most definitive in his methods of teaching. I intend to learn all he can possibly teach me about Tai Chi and Qigong.
Respectfully,             – Jim Spratt

Why You’ll Love This Workshop:

  1. It’s fun.
  2. You’ll feel great!
  3. It’s a mind-body connection thing.
  4. The workout is gentle but internal, energizes and refreshes.
  5. It’s a new beginning toward a finer quality of life — spirit, mind, and body.

OK, I’m ready, I’ve read enough, now sign me up.  

Advanced Level I

“Balancing Yin & Yang in the Body”

Saturday, February 11, 2012

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$150.00 at the door

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 Advanced Level I, Level II and Level III 

 February 11, March 10, and April 14

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