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How Three Rs and One E Can Change Your Life Workshop 

*Includes informative manual that you can use after workshop

Hosted by: Susan Blue SP-STR 

Cost: $50.00  (cash or check made out to Susan Blue)

Workshop Date:  Saturday, October 3, 2015
Time: 10:00 am – 6:00 pm
Location: Tai Chi Association: 219 W. Colorado Ave.  Suite 310, Colorado Springs, CO.  Upstairs
Bring a note book to class, wear loose comfortable clothing. Healthy Snacks included

Resources = Improve your state of mind, emotions, and the condition of your Nervous System.

Resiliency = Expand your ability to bounce back.

Resonance = Increase your potency of being.  Mind/Heart/Gut Instincts integration.

Empowerment = Support your authentic self by “Putting on the brakes & taking your foot off the gas of your Nervous System”.

Body Centered Processes and Learning

Like the elements of fire and water, our Nervous System regulates our body’s energy, function, mental states and emotions.  The last 5 years in Neuro-science research show that many of our difficulties, problems, health conditions, and disorders come from Nervous System dysregulation.  In this workshop, we will learn through experience: how we can use our resources to create more resiliency, reside in our own centeredness, and be less effected by events, and have better understanding of our “operational system” with skillfulness.

Want more Information: Class Susan Blue at 719-649-0352

Your Instructors are Susan Blue, Alpha Gunn-Chavez, and Jennifer Kelly.

Alpha and Jennifer are candidates for certification in Somatic Processing / Somatic Trauma Resolution (SP-STR).  They are honored and delighted to share their learning as educators and facilitators of this workshop.


Susan Blue is a Somatic Therapist and Educator in practice in COS.  She is a SP-STR instructor and practitioner.  She brings a wealth of experience from her 30 plus years from Bodywork, Massage Therapy, Movement Re-education / Patterning, Self -Health Care and more.

Space is Limited

(Some Scholarships Available)

Save your place with a $25.00 deposit.  Send a check made out to Susan Blue, to The Tai Chi Association at 219 W. Colorado Ave.  Suite 310  Colorado Springs, CO.  80903

Sponsored By the Tai Chi Association of Colorado Springs