Annual Tai Chi Mountain Retreat

Tai Chi Mountain Retreat At Catamount

Surrounded by 200,000 acres of Rocky Mountain forest, with lakes and hiking trails, Catamount is situated on the northern slope of Pikes Peak near Woodland Park, only 30 minutes from Colorado Springs.    

Tai ChiQigong – Empty Hands – Lodging – Wilderness Hikes – Delicious Healthy Meals – Spa Services / Bodywork – Nature at Its Best – Campfire Discussions – Mindfulness Meditation 

In this picturesque setting, guests stay in dorms with beautiful views of Pikes Peak and surrounding mountains and lakes.

All levels are welcome.  The many Tai Chi and Qigong classes and workshops offered are suitable for beginners, intermediate, and advanced students of Tai Chi Chuan.  Even if you have never done one Tai Chi movement, we encourage you to come and learn.
For those interested in the healing aspects that Tai Chi has to offer, you will find many opportunities to learn about the body and how Tai Chi can help advance healing.  Tai Chi Chuan’s innate power contributes to your overall health and well-being by training your mind and body to be stronger.  These skills, unique to Tai Chi, can help you gain more energy and strength in addition to opening your body, loosening your joints, and easing your tensions.
For those interested in the Martial Arts aspects of Tai Chi, you will not be disappointed.  Sifu Michael Paler is excited to share his vast knowledge of Tai Chi Chuan with you.  There will be no secrets kept!  He will personally spend time teaching and instructing small groups, and demonstrating the more advanced Martial applications and training methods.  In Tai Chi Chuan training, there is no pure hardness without softness; there is no pure softness without hardness.  ~Tai Chi Classics
This isn’t your ordinary retreat, but more of a Tai Chi rejuvenation.  Delicious healthy, organic, inspired meals nourish and sustain you for your stay with us, while our Tai Chi, Meditation, Sound Healing, Qigong (breathing) and Organic Cooking workshops take you into a deep state of well being and inner peace. So feel free to indulge in a healthy muffin or a hot cup of coffee or tea as well!
This retreat will offer a whole new level of Mind/Body & Nature connection.  Be as relaxed or as active as you like during your learning vacation, with optional activities such as mountain hikes, mountain biking, and kayaking Or indulge in a little pampering with a massage  Of course, after a healing Tai Chi class, you can always choose to relax by the lake with a good book. 
This retreat, in the lineage of our esteemed Master Wei Xilan “Imperial Yang Family Tai Chi,” taught by Sifu Michael Paler, 7th Generation Lineage Holder, and senior students.  

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Tai Chi Mountain Retreat 


Date for 2018: Friday August 3rd – Monday August 6th
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 We have OVERNIGHT CAMPING & DAY PASSES AVAILABLE.  Call Julie now to book your spot for the Tai Chi Retreat now: 719-375-8339

Important Message:  Only use PayPals if you have pre-registered/ or spoken with Julie and have reserved your room in advance.


3 Nights  $450.00  3 nights, 9 meals + snacks (three nights in a row)

2 Nights  $300.00  2 nights, 6 meals + snacks (two nights in a row)

1 Night  $175.00    1 night, 3 meals + snacks

 OVERNIGHT TENT CAMPING (Bring your own tent) Tent camping sites includes the use of bathrooms and hot showers

3 Nights        $360.00  includes, 9 meals + snacks.

2 Nights        $240.00  includes, 6 meals + snacks.

1 Night          $145.00    includes, 3 meals + snacks

ALL-DAY PASSES (No Overnight Lodging)

All-Day Pass – Choose days – Sat & Sun,  includes 3 meals + snack  $125.00 per day

NOTE:   Sorry, NO REFUNDS but you may gift your package if, for some reason, you are unable to attend.   Thank you.  

Directions to Catamount Institute


Highway 24 to Edlowe Road. When driving west on the highway, Edlowe Road (County Road 28) is about 2.5 miles from the City Market shopping plaza in the city of Woodland Park and has a left-turn lane. When driving east, Edlowe Road (County Road 28) is about 4.5 miles east of the traffic signal in Divide.

Turn south on Edlowe Road (County Road 28). From the turnoff onto Edlowe Road, proceed 3.2 miles to the Teller County Open Space/Catamount gate. Be careful to stay on the main (paved) road and not turn onto any of the spur roads. Proceed through the gate and past the lakes to the marked parking area.

3168 County Road 28
Woodland Park, CO  80863

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