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Learn Authentic Tai Chi Online from Sifu Michael Paler, 7th Generation lineage holder of Imperial Yang Family Tai Chi, and owner of Tai Chi Association of Colorado Springs —  You will receive access to our complete high-definition video streaming curriculum created by Sifu Michael Paler.  

Why online? The best place to learn and grow is in a place that you feel comfortable and relaxed.

The first month you will receive 9 videos and then each month after that you will receive access to a new series of videos for your next level of learning.

Now you can follow along anywhere, anytime, at your own pace, from you favorite devices – your cell phone, tablet, laptop, desktop computer or TV monitor.  

To Learn More Please Visit: www.TaiChiOnlineClasses.com

This is much more than just learning a form, this online course is a complete system of Grandmaster Yang Chengfu’s Large Frame 108 Form. You will learn Traditional Yang Family Tai Chi. including the entire Yang Family 108 Form, as well as Yang Family Tai Chi principles, philosophy, fundamentals, 2-person exercises, and accompanying Qigong (energetics).


  1. Instant access to the first 9 Tai Chi Video Courses
  2. Then each month you will have access to the next series of videos for your next level of learning
  3. PLUS, personal access to Sifu Michael Paler through the Members Only Forum!

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